Captain Justin Whitaker


Agi D6
Smarts D6
Spirit D6
Str D8
Vig D6

Pace 8
parry 5
Tough 5
Char 1

Heavy-G, Noble, Filthy Rich
Vow (Earth), Loyal, Heroic, Code of Honor

Climbing D4
Fighting D6
Gambling D4
Guts D4
Intim D4
Knowledge D4 (military tactics)
Notice D4
Persuade D6
Shoot D6
Gunnery D6
Knowledge D4 (computers)

20 Staff
200 body armour
1000 laser sword
100 commlink
200 Hoverboard
700 laser rifle
250 Cammosuit
100 Mineral-detector
300 scope
500 Energy Skin
500 Sensor suite
10k Exoskeleton
300 Wall walker
250 rebreather
500 Enhanced weapon
25 Bayonett
40 2 Energy Packs
15 left over money


A decently young and promising captain in the earth fleet Whitaker had been given a small ship and crew and was part of the defensive campaigns with the Serti ten years previously.

Within one of his early battles his ship took damage and ended up powered down, broken and stuck in an asteroid field. To avoid detection, capture or death due to the elements the remaining crew took to cryo sleep in a hope to be found and rescued by Human forces after the battles.

After getting pulled out of a cryo pod in the shell of the ship though Captain Whitaker was never quite the same, he had spent years and the last of the power the ship had floating in space.

Taking what he had from retiring from the Military he pushed his way to picking up a heap of ship and hauling it around the galactic trading hubs.

Having taken on enough crew to keep the ship running he has just dropped cargo enough for a fuel and food refit on the ship and is looking for opportunities in the sector.

Captain Justin Whitaker

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